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See the world more clearly with the perfect pair of prescription eyeglasses from our vision care experts. Today's Vision Creekside offers a wide variety of prescription glasses and designer eyeglass frames. Our eye care team at Today's Vision Creekside understands that prescription eyeglasses do more than simply correct your vision; they can also boost your confidence by highlighting our best features.

Our experienced eye care professionals will help you find the right pair of eyeglasses for your face’s shape, your eye color and your skin tone. We know you’ll love your new designer prescription eyeglasses. Call now for an appointment!

Optometry & Eye Care Services

  • Comprehensive Eye Exams
  • Prescription Eyeglasses
  • Contact Lens Exams
  • Designer Frames
  • Eye Infections
  • Primary Eye Care
  • Vision Testing
  • Eye Injuries
  • Contact Lenses
  • Eye Conditions
  • Rx Sunglasses
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Cutting-Edge Vision Exams

An eye exam is the first step to ensuring you have the correct prescription for your vision correction needs. A typical eye exam will include a visual acuity test using an eye chart to measure your distance acuity, a screening to check your color vision, and a test to evaluate how well your eyes work together to view a single fixed target. Our eye doctor will conduct a refraction test to determine your exact eyeglass prescription. Our optometrist will use an instrument called a phoropter; you’ll be asked to look through two different lenses and tell our doctor which lens is clearer. Based on your answers, our eye doctor will determine your correct prescription.

If you are new to our practice and currently wear glasses, we ask you to bring your existing prescription to the appointment with you. This will allow our team to compare the results of your eye exam with the prescription you currently wear. Let us know if you have been experiencing increased headaches, blurriness, difficulty seeing at night, or halos around lights. These are all symptoms that you may need additional vision correction than your current prescription. We know that eyeglasses are a major investment, and we want to be sure you have the correct prescription for your vision needs.

Glasses Highlight Your Best Features

Whether you have an oval face, round face, heart-shaped face or square face, our optometrist will help you select the right frames to highlight your best features. Our eye care professionals will also take into account your hair color, eye color and skin tone. Rectangular frames, for example, work best with circular faces as these frames offer an attractive, slimming effect. The curves of oval frames are ideal for angular faces. Square shaped glasses bring balance to longer faces and flatter individuals with curved faces. We also offer prescription sunglass frames in fun shapes and sizes including pilot or aviator-style glasses, butterfly frames and geometric shapes.


Ready to see the world more clearly through fashionable designer eyeglass frames? Call us to schedule your eye exam and frame fitting today!

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Dr.Davoodi and her team are truly amazing. Dr.Davoodi treats every patient with care and takes her time to make sure that you’ll leave her practice truly satisfied. My wife and I both have seen Dr.Davoodi and it’s with great confidence that we both recommend her for your next visit. Dr.Davoodi is very detailed oriented. Her office is very clean and she carries the latest designer brand frames for those who are looking to purchase. If google had the option to give more than 5 stars, I would give it more than 5 stars!

Joseph M.

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